What Is THC-Free CBD Oil?

CBD comes in many forms. For those new to CBD, this can be confusing and downright daunting. In this article, we hope to simplify your search and offer some clear guidance on what THC-Free CBD is, and why it may be the right CBD oil for you.

What Is CBD And Why Is It Touted As A “Cure All”?

CBD is a cannabinoid (a compound) found in Hemp. Millions of Americans are taking CBD and finding relief from a wide range of symptoms, including mental, emotional and physical issues. 

How can one little compound have such diverse benefits? Well it has to do with a branch of the mammalian nervous system called the Endocannabinoid System. 

This system is responsible for a wide range of homeostatic functions throughout the body. In layman’s terms, your endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating and balancing your body. Pretty much every major mammalian organ is impacted by your endocannabinoid system. 

CBD has a harmonizing effect on your endocannabinoid system, which basically means that it makes your endocannabinoid system work better and more efficiently. CBD has such a diverse range of benefits, because your endocannabinoid system influences pretty much your entire body, and its numerous functions.

The Many Ways To Take CBD

CBD can be taken in many forms. Some of these forms include gummies, vapes, edibles, oils, capsules, and tinctures. Within these various methods of ingestion, there are three main types of CBD oils.

Full Spectrum CBD: This form of CBD is a whole plant extract. That means the oil from the hemp plant is processed as is, so it contains all the beneficial terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. Full spectrum CBD contains THC, which is the stuff that gets you high, and will also show up on a drug test. It is important to note that full spectrum CBD contains less than 0.3% THC. Marijuana on the other hand generally has between 10-20% THC.

Broad Spectrum CBD: This form of CBD is our focus. It contains all the beneficial compounds mentioned above, but it is a THC-Free CBD. This means you will get all the benefits of CBD, without the risk of testing positive for THC on a drug test.

CBD Isolate: This form of CBD is only CBD. This means you are missing out on all the good stuff from the hemp plant like terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids. Therefore, CBD isolate tends to be less effective and cheaper. CBD isolate is a THC-Free CBD oil.

Is CBD Safe For Everyone?

Whether your CBD oil contains THC, or is THC-free, it is generally safe for any mammal. That means that CBD is not only safe for you and your family, but you can give it to your cat, dog or horse. You can also give CBD to your elderly parents or grandparents, as well as your children. That being said, we always suggest consulting with a healthcare professional before using CBD.

However, there are two risks when taking CBD. One is quality, and the other is the presence of THC. When it comes to quality, you want the best oil money can buy. This will mean you will pay a higher price but it is well worth it.

That is because there are many poor quality oils on the market, with some being sourced from questionable countries like China. That means you may not be getting what the bottle says, or worse you may be getting pesticide residue or other toxic material in your oil.

For that reason, make sure you purchase from a reputable provider, who offers certifications of analysis.

Why You May Want THC-Free CBD Oils…

THC is the compound that gets people “high” from marijuana. Hemp products contain small amounts of THC (>0.3%) which is not enough to get you high. However, it is enough to show up on a drug test.

For those who may be expecting a drug test, or don’t want to risk testing positive on a random screening, we suggest looking for THC-Free CBD oil. This means you can receive all the benefits of CBD without the risks of testing positive for THC.

Furthermore, some people are cautious about trying CBD, especially because of hemp’s close relationship to marijuana. For those who are interested in CBD but have trepidation about drugs, we suggest looking for a THC-Free oil. The reason being that THC is the “drug” aspect of marijuana. It is the only cannabinoid that will have any psychoactive effects.

If you are expecting a drug test, then any ingestible form of CBD oil, such as gummies, capsules, oils, or tinctures, that you consume should be THC-Free.

If You Go THC-Free, Look For Broad Spectrum…

If you have decided that THC-Free oil is for you, then we strongly encourage you to purchase a broad-spectrum oil. As we stated above, CBD isolates are THC-Free, but they are less effective. This is because hemp has far more than just CBD in its oils.

Hemp has a diverse range of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that contribute to its effectiveness. This is what some in the industry called the “entourage effect”. Basically, all the natural compounds work together in a team to deliver more benefit, and more bang for your buck.

CBD Isolate will be cheaper, but less effective because it is only CBD, without the other good stuff in there from hemp oil. Broad spectrum oils on the other hand, have been specially formulated to be THC-Free but to contain all the other plant compounds. 

Zero THC CBD And Drug Tests

When it comes to Zero THC CBD and drug tests, a recent study found that those consuming Zero THC CBD were clear 99.5% of the time (only 1 out of 218 urine samples were positive). Researchers guessed that this one positive result could be due to an error, which is known to happen at the best of times…

More studies need to be conducted on Zero THC CBD and drug tests, but initial results are promising.

If you’re expecting a drug test, needless to say, zero THC CBD is your safest bet.

What About Salves and Creams?

As we stated above, there is a broad range of uses for CBD from topical to ingestible. We often get asked if the THC found in creams and salves will show up on a drug test. The answer is no. The THC in creams and salves will not enter your bloodstream, and you are safe to apply them liberally without risking a positive drug test.

That being said, many creams and salves on the market are THC-Free, because they are formulated with CBD isolate. As stated above, CBD isolate appears to be less effective, so we suggest looking for topicals that contain full spectrum CBD oil. 

What About For Cats, Dogs and other Pets?

Zero THC CBD for cats and dogs is not necessary. Unless you are expecting a drug test for your pet of course…

Generally speaking, we recommend that people choose full spectrum CBD for their pets. We have found our pet loving customers have had the best success with full spectrum CBD rather than a zero THC CBD product.

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