We founded Patriot Hemp Co. with a desire to connect people with the best organic CBD products in the country. We Americans are of the most medicated population of people on the entire planet, and we believe in alternatives to harmful and addictive pharmaceutical drugs.

With the Opioid and Benzodiazepine crisis in full swing, we believe there are far superior, natural ways to manage pain and other negative symptoms. We shouldn’t have to risk ruining our lives with addictive and harmful prescriptions just because natural options may flag us in a drug test, but our line of guaranteed ZERO-THC CBD products eliminates that risk.


Patriot CBD is Made in America. We offer premium quality, organically grown ZERO-THC CBD products to Military Personnel, Veterans, State and Government Employees, Civil Servants, and State Contractors and their families.

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It is our goal to ensure that our customers can purchase our product. As such, we make an effort to be available both online and at various retail locations.

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