What Kind of CBD Should I Give My Cat?

Any cat lover wants to see their furry friend live a long and healthy life. Sadly though, there are limited holistic treatments for a cat’s health challenges. This is one reason many cat owners are seeking out CBD as a natural therapy for their cat’s problems (as well as for the rest of the family).

Research is currently in the early stages on the use of CBD for cats, however initial results are promising. Thanks to the presence of the Endocannabinoid systems found in cats, dogs, as well as all mammals, CBD’s benefits appear to be similar across the board.

There are some very important distinctions though between administering CBD for your cat, compared to administering CBD for your dog

In this article we are going to outline those distinctions, and talk about benefits, dosages and best practices for applying CBD for your cat. 

CBD Is Effective for Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs both have Endocannabinoid systems, which means they can benefit from CBD similarly as humans. This system helps to regulate pain perception, inflammatory response, and many basic bodily functions.

Positive results such as reduction in inflammation, anxiety, stress, arthritis, epilepsy, and digestive issues, are just some of the benefits that pets and their owners experience with CBD.

Needless to say, there’s nothing worse than a sick pet! That’s why cat and dog owners around the world are turning to CBD.

Cat and Dog Endocannabinoid Systems

The mammalian endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating:

                      • Protein consumption and breakdown
                      • Inflammatory responses
                      • Digestive functions
                      • Metabolism
                      • The sensation of pain
                      • Brain Function
                      • Stress Response
                      • Appetite

The endocannabinoid system is made up of cannabinoid receptors found throughout the entire body. These receptors will trigger responses in your cat’s body. These responses will affect your cat’s overall health: for better or for worse. An unhealthy endocannabinoid system can result in numerous health challenges, which is one reason CBD seems to be a “cure-all”.

When you give your cat CBD oil, it will interact with the cannabinoid receptors throughout its body, supporting your cat’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. This can result in reduced inflammation, pain, anxiety, and stress. 

The Difference Between CBD for Cats and CBD for Dogs

As any dog or cat owner knows, these two pets are far more different than similar! There seems to be two camps… Dog lovers and cat lovers. 

It’s no small wonder then, that there are some key differences in CBD for cats vs CBD for Dogs.

As we are sure you are well aware, cats are very fickle creatures. They often will refuse to eat for no apparent reason, and wish to go in and out of rooms (meowing until you permit them access) for seemingly nothing.

So the key difference cat owners need to be aware of, is that a feline’s digestive system is very sensitive. Unlike dogs, that can chow down on anything, cats need a more specific diet. 

For this reason, you will need to pick a CBD product that can easily be digested by your cat. If not, the CBD may cause gastrointestinal upset, and be ineffective or even damaging.

As long as you give your cat the correct formula, CBD will be very safe and effective for your furry friend.

For this reason, we specially formulated a CBD for Cats tincture, as well as a CBD for Dogs tincture.

Patriot CBD for CatsPatriot CBD for Cats 2

What CBD Product Should I Give My Cat?

Due to the gastrointestinal upset that your cat could experience from human CBD or CBD for dogs products, make sure you get a specific CBD for Cats formula.

We have formulated our CBD for Cats tincture with extra virgin olive oil, which is proven to be easy on your cat’s system. Most CBD on the market is made with MCT or coconut oil, which may be tough on your kitty’s digestion.

Furthermore, less expensive products may be made with CBD isolate (generally less effective and less nutritious), and could contain harmful pesticides, additives, or solvents.

We ensure that there are no pesticides, additives, or solvents in our CBD for carts product. We only put 100% pure full-spectrum CBD oil containing all the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids, diluted in a base of extra virgin olive oil. That’s it!

How CBD Could Help Your Cat

Some of the symptoms CBD can help your cat (and dog) with include:

                      • Anxiety and stress
                      • Skin problems
                      • Coping with long car trips and vet visits
                      • Adapting to a new home or environment
                      • Separation anxiety
                      • Bowel and digestive problems
                      • Aggressive behaviors
                      • Constant meowing

How to Use CBD For Cats:

Add 0.25ml (4.2mg CBD) to your cat’s food or directly into their mouth. Repeat twice daily or as directed by your veterinarian. 

Dosage may vary depending on your cat and their needs. 

CBD for Cats and CBD for Dogs is legal in all 50 states.

Dosage for Dogs will be different that dosage for cats, due to size, weight and needs.

In Conclusion

Both cats and dogs benefit from CBD due to the presence of the endocannabinoid system. Due to this system’s widespread functions in the body, CBD has a wide benefit on many different functions from stress to anxiety to overall health.

There are some important differences between CBD for Cats vs CBD for Dogs. Cats are more sensitive, so do your research before purchasing inferior or potentially harmful products.

Buy only the best for your pets. The cost for superior grade products is worth the extra money. Avoid cheaper CBD oils, as many come from China and could contain toxic ingredients.

Patriot Hemp

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