Many of us have ideas about the term Patriot. At Patriot Hemp, we consider a Patriot to be one who loves and supports his or her country. From this definition, it does not matter your religious, political or personal belief. Anyone who wishes to see their country and it’s residents prosper, can stand side by side as Patriots, no matter their differences.

So what does hemp have to do with patriotism?

Hemp And The United States Share A Rich History…

There are few who know the true history of hemp in the United States. Before it was condemned and shunned in the 20th century, hemp was one of the largest cash crops in the United States. Renowned for the purpose of food, fuel and fiber, it was a crucial plant for early Americans and was planted shortly after settlers arrived.

In fact from 1631 to the early 1800’s, hemp was considered legal tender and for 200 of those years, many paid their taxes with the plant. Between the 17th and 18th century, the importance of hemp was so grand, it was illegal not to grow it. This country was literally built (or grown) on hemp.

Due to hemp’s versatility, quick growth and simple cultivation, it was seen as a threat to paper, plastic and oil industries. Petroleum and logging companies rallied against hemp and it became outlawed. This struck a sad day in America’s history. Hemp could have been an ecologically safer and more sustainable alternative to these industries but after the law passed, the plant was soon forgotten.


Hemp Is More Than CBD…

Today we are remembering the amazing qualities of the cannabis plant. It has gained popularity for the medicinal benefits of CBD, however it also has huge potential in the paper, clothing, building, food and fuel industries.

This is the beginning of an ancient and nearly forgotten movement. Not only does this plant have over 25,000 uses but it also helps to heal, build and remediate soil. It is nothing short of a miracle plant.


Hemp Is The Patriot Plant

As we spoke of, patriotism is a love and support for one’s country. At Patriot Hemp, we believe the best way to show our love and support for our country is to encourage the health of the people, the soil and the water.

Hemp appears to be one of the best answers to a huge variety of problems this country faces. When the country is healthy, from the people to the plants and animals, to the water and the soil, then we can more easily live a harmonious and healthy life.

Even though people are living longer, Americans are facing increasing health problems. When we are stressed and sick, it is challenging and at times impossible, to be responsible and contributing members of society. How can we be in a space of love, or be capable of supporting others, if we are sick in bed, and barely able to support ourselves?

The United States is in need of deep healing. This country and its people are in need of love and support.

We know many veterans, families and communities that are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and a wide variety of physical problems, on a daily basis. We could no longer stand idly and watch. We needed to do what we could to provide a solution. That is where Patriot Hemp was born from.


Hemp Offers A Solution..

There is a saying: if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

For us, hemp is one of the greatest solutions, because it addresses an incredible variety of problems in our world. We want to love and support not only our country, but this entire world.

We want the next seven generations to have the experience of an innate health of body, mind and spirit. We believe that includes the health of this whole planet, from sea to sky, ant to elephant. This is our purpose.


More Than Just Hemp..

Community is healing. Hemp provides an opportunity to grow not only a plant but also a global community of Patriots.

We welcome everyone to be part of this movement. The most powerful changes begin at home, in family and around the dinner table.

Hemp is no exception. It’s popularity is increasing, and hugely by word of mouth. Help to spread the message of hemp as a solution to the negativity we are facing.

We can cultivate a healthier and abundant world for our children, but only from the mindset of solutions. Hemp is one of many options, and it is a great place to start. Let’s keep the conversation going!

What other solutions and alternative resources can we utilize besides hemp?


Patriot Hemp

At Patriot Hemp, our mission is to provide high quality CBD oil to those who can benefit from it. We focus particularly on government employees, veterans, people suffering from PTSD, military personnel, nurses and those in positions of service. That is why we offer several CBD products that contain zero THC. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of CBD without the risk of THC. Find our products and more at