Will CBD Help Me Stop Smoking Weed?

Weed (marijuana) can be habit forming and for some individuals, it can become an addiction. Whether habit or addiction, when you regularly smoke weed, and you decide to quit, there are withdrawals. For many, the withdrawals are too difficult or frustrating, so the whole “quitting” thing does not stick. 

In this article, we will be reviewing if CBD can help you stop smoking weed, as well as some other tools or resources you can implement if you are ready to quit.

Can You Really Be “Addicted” To Weed?

Yes. Marijuana can be addictive. Of course, it is no where near on the same level as alcohol or hard drugs, it still can become an addiction for many. One definition of addiction is: “Addiction is a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences.”

Another definition of addiction is any act that distracts us from the present moment, especially the discomfort of the present moment. Regardless of how you define addiction, there are definitely marijuana addicts. Many people turn to marijuana to avoid the present moment, distract themselves, or fill a “void”. Marijuana is an effective “bandaid” for many mental health issues. But no bandaid is permanent. Eventually, like any addiction, it can lead someone down a path of darkness.

A classic indication of addiction is when one no longer feels in “control” of the use of the addictive substance or addiction. Furthermore, addictions tend to come with withdrawal symptoms. Marijuana is no different.

Marijuana Withdrawals

Marijuana withdrawals can be different for everyone. The most common include…

                          • Sleeplessness
                          • Decreased Hunger
                          • Anxiety Or Depression
                          • Headaches
                          • Fatigue
                          • Mood changes / swings
                          • Cravings for Marijuana
                          • Irritability

Ironically, these are many of the problems that medical marijuana can help people with. Dealing with withdrawals is challenging. Later we will share some ideas on dealing with marijuana withdrawals.

One of the most difficult withdrawal symptoms for marijuana users is depression and/or anxiety. Luckily, there’s a special thing called CBD that can effectively reduce or eliminate those symptoms…

SO… Can CBD Help Me STOP Smoking Weed?

The short answer: YES. 

The Long Answer???

Well to start, let’s talk about what CBD is. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in hemp and marijuana. CBD oil is non-psychoactive and extremely safe. It is not a drug. It is a supplement. 

People are using CBD for a variety of reasons, including: 

                          • Inflammation
                          • digestive issues
                          • Anxiety
                          • Depression
                          • sleep problems
                          • appetite, headaches
                          • body pain. 

If you look at the above list of marijuana withdrawal symptoms, you will see a pattern between the benefits of CBD and the issues people experience when they stop smoking weed.

So WHY Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking Weed?

CBD has a remarkable effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is responsible for a wide variety of “balancing” acts in your body. To put it simply, it is responsible for making sure your body is in harmony (homeostasis). 

It is also the reason humans get high from Marijuana (THC), and receive a wide variety of benefits from hemp (CBD). CBD, THC and other compounds in marijuana and hemp act on this system. 

THC, when used for a prolonged period of time, can deplete our ECS. CBD, on the other hand, has a tendency of boosting and enhancing our ECS. This is likely one reason CBD helps people to quit smoking weed. 

Many withdrawal symptoms, and addictive qualities of marijuana, are related to the extremely high levels of THC. In the past 60 years, marijuana has progressively gotten stronger and stronger. If you speak to the hippies from the 70’s, they have stories of smoking 5 joints and not getting nearly as stoned as they do with a few puffs from today’s weed.

We have manipulated the marijuana plant into being more powerful and we are paying the price. These high levels of THC impact our ECS in a negative way, and put stress upon it. CBD acts more passively on the ECS, enhancing its functions rather than depleting it. 

CBD has also been shown to “counterbalance” THC. Many people report a more subtle and background “high” from THC when combined with CBD.

CBD Really DOES Help You Quit Smoking Weed, According To This Study…

At a recent New Scientist Live presentation, a professor of pharmacology at University College London named Val Curran, shared some interesting findings. In her recent studies, she identified some possible addiction-treating benefits of CBD.

In a study of 82 patients, who identified as severely addicted to marijuana, CBD offered promising results in quitting and getting sober. She had 4 “doses” of CBD. 0mg (placebo), 200mg, 400mg, and 800mg.

Interesting, the dose seems to be key in this equation. The 400mg CBD doses were the most effective. Placebo and 200mg had no effects, and 800mg was slightly less effective than 400mg. 400mg seemed to be the perfect dose!

This study used CBD isolate, which is also less effective than broad spectrum (Zero THC) CBD, and full spectrum CBD. It is possible if patients used broad spectrum CBD or zero THC CBD, they may need a smaller dose to quit smoking weed.

What Kind Of CBD Should You Use To Quit Smoking Weed?

There are various ways to consume CBD. Some of these ways include:

                          • Edibles – Gummies, Lozenges, Candies, Gum, etc
                          • Vape
                          • Oil / TIncture (oral)
                          • Capsule

Depending on your desired result, you may choose different forms. We have personally found that oil / tincture is the most effective way to consume CBD. However, if you need immediate relief, vape is your best bet. Edibles are delicious and easy to consume – and also enjoyable. Capsules are discrete, and flavorless (some people dislike the flavor of CBD tinctures).

We encourage you to experiment and find what works best for you. We suggest starting with a vape oil, and a bottle of CBD tincture. These are the most popular and common forms of CBD. 


An Important Note On CBD, THC and Drug Tests…

Many of you may be quitting weed because of an upcoming drug test. If that’s the case, it’s important to note that it takes up to 30 days for THC to leave your system. Also be very aware of the CBD that you decide to purchase. Some CBD will show up on a drug test.

This can be a bit deceptive, because CBD in and of itself will NOT show up on a drug test. However, many CBD oils on the market contain small amounts of THC. There is not enough THC in the oil to get you high, but there is enough to show up on a drug test. 

So, if you are taking CBD to quit smoking weed, and you are expecting any kind of drug test in the future, we encourage you to look for zero THC CBD products. That way you can feel secure and safe taking your drug test. 

In Conclusion…

Taking CBD can definitely help you quit smoking marijuana. This is due to THC’s strain on your endocannabinoid system, and CBD’s benefits on your endocannabinoid system. Many of the withdrawal symptoms from THC, like anxiety, depression and insomnia, are on the list of symptoms that people use CBD for.