Will CBD Show Up On A NASA Drug Test?

Although CBD is not a drug, it can cause positive drug tests in certain individuals. But, will CBD show up on a NASA drug test? And an even better question, is does NASA condone or permit the use of CBD?

In this article we will be answering these questions and more…


NASA And Drug Testing

NASA prides itself on being a strict drug-free workplace. Just like other major organizations, drug testing is part of NASA’s basic guidelines. This means drug testing is part of the hiring process for many positions.

Pre-Employment NASA drug tests are for Testing Designation Positions (TDPs). This means if you are applying for a job which requires the carrying (or access to) firearms, or a job that allows access to sensitive information that requires a security clearance of “secret or higher”. 

Furthermore, NASA reserves the right to identify certain NASA-specific functions as TDPs. If you are applying for a job with NASA, we encourage you to double-check to see if your job is classified as a TDP.

TDPs are also randomly drug tested throughout their career with NASA.

If you are not in a TDP, you generally will not ever be drug tested.

However the following circumstances may lead to a drug test:

  • Reasonable suspicion of illegal drug use
  • As part of an investigation into an accident or unsafe practice
  • Follow-up testing after rehabilitation from illegal drug use
  • If you volunteer to be included in the pool of randomly tested employees


Types Of Drugs NASA Looks For…

NASA uses a split specimen urine collection process. The short version… NASA uses a urine drug test. These tests look for Marijuana (THC), Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates, and Phencyclidine (PCP).


Will CBD Show Up On A NASA Drug Test?

CBD (cannabidiol) will not show up on a NASA drug test.  This is because CBD oil has hundreds of different cannabinoids and compounds. CBD, also known as “cannabidiol”, is one of the many compounds found in CBD oil. The isolate “Cannabidiol (CBD)” will not cause a positive NASA drug test, but the THC may.

Think of your CBD oil like a spinach salad. You call it a “spinach” salad, because that is the most significant ingredient to describe the salad. However, your spinach salad will have other ingredients like seeds, nuts, dressing, and other vegetables.

So your CBD oil has CBD, but it also has other ingredients like THC, CBG, CBN, and various terpenes. The only compound found in CBD oil that will cause you to fail your test is THC. This is because THC is the active constituent in marijuana. THC is the stuff that gets you high.

CBD oil has small amounts of THC (>0.3%). This is not enough to get you high, but it can build up in your system and cause you to fail your test.

For your drug tests, look for zero THC CBD. Once the THC has been removed, CBD will not cause you to fail your NASA drug test (or any drug test for that matter).


Does NASA Allow The Use Of CBD?

In August of 2019, NASA sent a memo to its employees warning them about consuming CBD. NASA warned that taking CBD products could put them at risk of losing their jobs. The memo explained:

“As a reminder, the use of illegal drugs by federal employees is not permissible under any circumstances, regardless of state and/or local laws; this includes the use of Marijuana or products that contains THC for recreational and/or medical purposes,”

NASA cautions against CBD use. It appears that this is due to the THC content in some CBD products. For good reason too, because in the eyes of an organization such as NASA, a failed drug test is a failed test. Period. 


If You Work For NASA, Should You Avoid CBD?

This is up to each individual. If you choose to take CBD, keep in mind that you are taking it at your own risk. Some CBD can cause a positive NASA drug test, due to the presence of THC in full spectrum oil. This can result in a job loss. 

If you are in a TDP, then it is imperative you avoid THC at all costs. Other employees may choose to be more relaxed, unless of course they have voluntarily chosen to be in a random drug screening.


The Type Of CBD You Should If You Work For NASA…

Due to NASA’s strict drug-free policy, we suggest taking zero THC CBD. That being said, you are still taking this oil at your own risk. Some zero THC CBD oils may still contain small amounts of THC. This is because CBD is currently unregulated, and there are inferior oils on the market.

We encourage you to buy from a reputable brand if you choose to take a zero THC CBD oil. 

It is important to know the differences between the different CBD oils. There is full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate.

Full spectrum CBD has small amounts of THC (>0.3% THC). It also has hundreds of plant compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes. This is the most effective oil, because it has more than just CBD. But it also can make you test positive for THC.

Broad Spectrum CBD is THC-Free oil. Similar to full spectrum it shares many of the same cannabinoids and terpenes, minus THC. This oil is the most effective zero THC option. It will be more expensive, but the price is worth the increased effectiveness. 

CBD Isolate – This is just CBD. Nothing else. This means there will be zero THC, but it also means you are missing out on all the other good compounds found in hemp. This is the cheapest and least effective CBD oil. 

In Conclusion…

CBD itself will not make you fail a NASA drug test, but the THC found in some oils may. NASA encourages employees to skip the CBD. But if you wish to take the risk, look for zero THC CBD oils, and ideally buy a broad spectrum product. Avoid full spectrum CBD.