How CBD And Hemp Heal Your Skin


CBD has hit the mainstream. Not only is it effective internally, but also topically. CBD and hemp based salves are proving to help common and mysterious skin symptoms alike. Most products on the market are blended with non-cannabis herbs, minerals and compounds that deepen their healing potential. Beyond the surface, internal CBD products can assist with bone, joint and other musculoskeletal healing.


The Hidden Causes Of Skin Issues

Inflammation is one of the most significant causes of dis-ease in our bodies. The most healing effects from cannabis oils are their powerful ability to reduce inflammation. This is likely why people find relief from a broad range of symptoms by consuming CBD products. Anyone who suffers from skin issues, whether it be acne, psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis, knows how irritating and painful these symptoms can be. It is also clear, both through research, and simple self observation, that inflammation is a key cause of these issues. Applying a CBD containing cream or salve to the inflamed skin can reduce painful reactions and heal the inflammation at the root. In combination with internal CBD supplementation, you can have a two pronged approach. Although your skin symptoms may appear to be on the surface, there are often deeper factors at play [1,2], therefore internal consumption of CBD is highly recommended for skin issues.


The Gut-Skin Connection

There is now strong evidence between digestive function, immune health and skin conditions [1,2]. When our digestion is inflamed, a result is systemic inflammation. This is why the ancient quote from Hippocrates “All disease begins in the gut”, is becoming more and more accepted in modern medicine. CBD oil has been proven over centuries to benefit, and even heal, gut disorders [3]. This is likely connected to the wide variety of nervous system cells in our digestive system, with particular focus on the positive effects of CBD on mammalian endocannabinoid systems. So, if the digestive, immune and skin systems are all linked, then it is not a far cry to say that CBD’s internal benefits for digestion and immune health can also positively impact our skin health. Beyond the skin, inflammation in our bodies can increase or even cause symptoms related to arthritis, injury and body pain. So not only is digestive and immune function connected to the skin, but also joint, muscle and bone health.


Not Just Skin Deep

These salves and creams go deeper than the skin. More and more, athletes and those who suffer from chronic pain, are turning to CBD products to reduce symptoms of pain and discomfort. Whether you suffer from arthritis, injuries or other painful conditions, CBD can offer a solution. By applying salves to painful areas, sufferers can find instant and prolonged relief, and at times permanent healing. This is in part, because inflammation will trigger, worsen or even cause painful symptoms in our bodies. Salves that are combined with carrier oils and other herbs, such as our Muscle and Joint Salve, synergize and compound with the healing effects of CBD. Blends such as this, combine the pain and inflammation reducing effects of other herbs, as well as their penetrating qualities, so the CBD can go deeper than the skin. As mentioned above, internal CBD supplementation combined with external applications can have powerful compounding effects, to help you heal at the root.


Let’s Go A Little Deeper…

Lets look a little deeper into the role of our skin. The skin is our first layer of defense. It provides a thick resistance to bacteria, virus, fungi and chemicals that could otherwise harm us. For the body to be harmonious, your various cells and systems need to have healthy communication. Skin is a key line of communication to the external world. It is constantly alerting your inner world of what is around you. The skin is also home to a diverse culture of microorganisms [4,5], some may be harmful and many are beneficial. Many of these benefits have been observed in the communication between immune cells and the micro-organisms on our skin [6,7]. Our skin cells and the micro-organisms that inhabit them, will react to external stimuli, and send bits of information to our internal immune system. This means if there is a threat on our skin, whether it be bacterial, fungal, viral or a toxin, then our immune system will be altered before this threat enters our body. That is to say, if the integumentary system is in harmony. For better or for worse, the systems and cells of our entire body are intimately connected, even if they appear separate or unrelated. The skin being our largest organ, it is wise to nourish its health, so the beneficial bacteria and the numerous skin cells can flourish and alert our immune system of potential threats.


CBD Isn’t Everything

It is important to note that CBD is not a cure all, nor is it a band-aid. Supplementing with CBD needs to be in combination with other health factors, such as diet, exercise, sleep and stress management. When we focus on healing naturally, we can truly resolve the root of many dis-eases, and find a renewed state of health and harmony. Many common symptoms in today’s world can be healed through simple adjustments to diet, such as removing or reducing certain foods like gluten and dairy, while eating more vegetables and superfoods. High quality water, deep sleep, and stress reducing practices like meditation and yoga, will start to create an internal environment where health can flourish. It is up to each individual to take health into their own hands. We each need to make the choice, and say yes to health. Educate yourself so you can feel empowered in your choices. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Experiment and find the foods, practices and supplements that work best for your own body. No one will care more about your health than you.


Patriot Hemp


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